Clipart archive

If, like me, you've searched the Internet looking for some Irish based clipart, you no doubt realise that this can be an extremely frustrating task... There is nothing like waiting for 8 multicolored flashing banners to load while you wait just to see if the clipart is the one you want... This is nothing like this. The Ireland First! collection of 264 Irish based clipart has no flashing banners, no fruitless searching the net, and best of all, all images are royalty free and may be saved/downloaded and printed/used freely by anyone in any way. I believe that this may be one of the largest royalty free Irish only based clip art archive available on the Internet.

Below you'll find the thumbnails of all the available Irish clip art. All clipart is stored at this site. Click on any image to see the enlarged version. Large image opens in a new window.


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